Stamning - in English

If you stutter, you are not alone. 

Stuttering is a speech impediment which can be hard to live with. The prospect of forever being rid of stuttering is still out of reach. Many people who stutter have therefore accepted the situation as it is, while others are constantly looking for new ways to control their stuttering. Stamningsförbundet wants to place itselve somewhere in between and be a source of knowledge for the opportunities that exist around Sweden today.

Welcome to us

Many may think it is strange to join a "stuttering association '- Coping with stuttering can be enough as it is. But stuttering groups are not about to "meet and stuttering" but to "meet and talk". It provides an opportunity to meet others with the same experience, which often means more than you think. The membership and financial support is also an opportunity to support our work.

Local support groups

We also present the local support groups which are to be founs around the country. They provide important information and organize social activities and educational courses.

Whatever your reason, you are always welcome!


Links in English, recommended by Speech Language Pathologists:

Belgische Stottervereniging BSV:

Från Michael Palin Centre och NHS London:

Från Stuttering Foundation of America: 

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