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If you stutter, you are not alone!

Are you one of the estimated 90 000 adults in Sweden who stutter? Or do you have one of the 300,000 children who stutter, or have stuttered, at some point in their childhood? We who stutter are perhaps still a silent group in society, but with a united voice we can change that!

Welcome to us

To be part of a stuttering association provides an opportunity to meet others with the same experiences, which often means more than you think. Your membership and financial support is also an opportunity to support our work.


Already in the 1950s the first Stuttering Chapter was founded in Stockholm. Eventually more stuttering chapters were formed throughout the country and in 1977 the chapters united as “Sveriges Stamningsföreningars Riksförbund”, SSR (the Swedish Stuttering Association). In 2008 the association changed its name to the simpler “Stamningsförbundet”.

What your reason is, you are always welcome!

Do you want to know more about stuttering, our association and our local chapter associations, browse through our pages (in Swedish) and / or contact us.

Our brochure (in Swedish) can downloaded here.

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