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It is important for Stamningsförbundet to create a good and permissive environment for children who stutter. Our goal is that everyone in schools and childcare should receive an appropriate education in terms of stuttering. Our wish is that more speech therapists are trained and that stuttering education deepens. Stamningsförbundet also organizes children's and parents' weekends. Over the weekend parents meet speech therapists and other parents, and get advice, support and answers to many questions. The children get to meet other children who stutter and together with playful adults, they all are a part of a fun and educational weekend. Stamningsförbundet also offers local family gatherings, and to give parents the opportunity to connect with other parents of stuttering children there is a parent network.

For young people who stutter there is at least one camp each year. The youth camp outside Härnösand is mainly for young people between 13 and 25 years. It's hosted every year in early August for young people who stutter from all over Sweden. The camp is to give the opportunity to meet others who stutter, talk about stuttering and above all, have fun. During the week activities ranging from sports, play and pentathlon to talk about stuttering in a group are organized. There is a lot of leisure time as well in order to meet and socialize as much as possible. Besides camps there are also organized youth weekends at various places in the country.

Stamningsförbundet organizes, in addition to the annual general meeting, also membership meetings where young people and adults from all countries come together to talk around common issues, workshops, etc. At these meetings, we can give each other ideas on how to continue our work and how we visualize ourselves. But most of all, these meetings create a contact network and give strength to dare to speak up. Stamningsförbundet strives for people who stutter to receive the support and help they are entitled to.

Stamningsförbundet also strives to be represented at Nordic stuttering seminars, European youth camps and international world congresses.

It is important that stuttering is, and remains, on the disability agenda. Stamningsförbundet lobbies politically through cooperation, letters and petitions. Stamningsförbundet strives to be the knowledge bank for anyone who wants to know more about stuttering.

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